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20% off any order.
New Customers - 30% off any order.
Free Ground Shipping on US orders.
Save up to 75% on Sale Items.
How to use your coupon code
Using a ShopGoldyn coupon with your order will take you just a few seconds and will save you a bundle! All you need to do is follow these steps here and that's it; you'll be paying less in no time!

1. Choose the ShopGoldyn coupon you'd like to use today by clicking on the blue button located on the offer. When you do, the discount code you'll need to enter during checkout to activate your coupon will be shown. Also, you'll see that a window to their site has opened so you can easily begin shopping.

2. Add all the clothing and accessories you'd like to buy into your cart, and, when you're done, click the "Your Cart" link at the top of your screen. This will take you to your "Shopping Cart" page.

3. From here, begin the checkout process by clicking the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

4. You'll now find yourself on the "Customer Information" page. At the bottom of this screen is an empty box with the words "Coupon Code:" to the left. Enter your ShopGoldyn coupon into this box being careful to enter the code exactly as its shown here on our site.

5. Now, click the "Submit/Next" button and your savings will be calculated instantly.
How to verify your coupon code
Verifying that your ShopGoldyn coupon was applied to your order will just take a few clicks now that you've activated your coupon code.

Proceed with the checkout process as directed and you'll soon find yourself at the "Payment Page". Here you'll see a list of the items you're purchasing, their cost, etc. In the "Price" column you'll see a new, much lower price, followed by the words "WAS" with the original price to the right.

This adjustment in price is the only indication that your ShopGoldyn coupon was applied to your order. As long as you see that new, lower price though, you can be sure your discount was activated and that your savings from using your ShopGoldyn coupon code has been applied.
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