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How to use your Medifast coupon code
1. To use these money saving Medifast coupons when making your Medifast Meal purchases, simply select all the different soups, bars, shakes, oatmeal, etc that youd like to purchase, and add them to your Shopping Cart.

2. Once youve got everything you need in your cart, click the Proceed to Checkout button.

3. First youll be asked to sign in either as an existing customer or as a new customer. If you select to checkout as a new customer, youll then be taken to the Medifast Ordering Information screen.

4. At the bottom of this screen youll see a space labeled Coupon Discount. Enter the Medifast coupons you found at in the box provided, making sure that the coupon code looks exactly as it appears on the site. Then, after all the info, including your coupon discount code has been completed; click the Continue button. Please note, you wont see the coupon discount until youre completed with the checkout process.
How to verify your Medifast coupon code
After you click Continue, youll be taken to the Medifast Shipping Method screen. Just select your preferred shipping method and then click the Continue button, which will bring you to the Review Your Order screen.

On this screen, youll see your list of Medifast products followed by a breakdown of the cost of your order. Within this section, directly below your Product Cost, youll see a line labeled Coupon Discount. This is where youll finally see the Medifast coupon code actually applied to your order. And if you look to the left of the Coupon Discount line, and youll see the total amount you saved from entering the coupon discount code.
About the merchant: Medifast
Losing weight is often a challenge many of us face; a challenge often made more difficult by fad diets. Medifast offers a different choice though. They offer you the very simple 5 & 1 Plan; which consists of 5 Medifast pre-packaged meals and 1 Lean and Green meal that you can prepare yourself or enjoy at a restaurant. This way, theres no confusion about calories, fat, etc, and more importantly, the pounds may begin dropping off and you may begin feeling healthier when you are on the Medifast Diet.

The only potential draw back is that the pre-packaged Medifast Meals can be a bit costly. But, with these fantastic Medifast coupons, you can make these meals affordable and as a result, create a successful, easy to follow weight loss plan for yourself!

The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan helps most women lose weight quickly and safely. Most fad diets achieve rapid weight loss through water loss which is dangerous for your health. By losing weight safely through Medifast, this may lead to tremendous improvements in your overall health. Medifast is much more than the traditional, fad diets that may have failed you in the past. Medifast helps you lose the weight
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